Ease Digital Eye Strain
BlueBuster lenses reduce digital eyestrain for more comfort when viewing computers or tablet screens. Eye Doctors recommend it for everyone who spends time in front of a screen as well as for over contact lens wear and for students. (with or without reading correction) Available in all eyeOs styles in Plano (no power) and magnification power that ranges from +0.50 to +4.00 in 0.25 increments. They include all the features of ourĀ Hex-O-Tech lens technology. And a great price of $110.
Screen Time Tips
If you've experienced the symptoms of digital eyestrain from long hours in front of your computer or tablet screen, then you will be glad to learn how to make screen time more comfortable on your eyes. You can learn more about the symptoms and impact of digital eye strain by visitingĀ The Vision Council website. The Vision Council recommends "lenses featuring magnification, plus anti-reflective and blue light-filtering capabilities". And that is exactly what our BlueBuster lenses do. In addition, our Blue Filtering technology is built in the monomer of the lens and not a coating. Blue Filters that are produced by coating lenses are not as effective.
Wear BlueBuster Lenses
Wear BlueBuster lenses to reduce the scattered and defocused blue light emitting from your screen. Blue light contributes to eyestrain because it is a color that the eye is unable to bring into sharp focus and because it easily scatters and contributes to hazy vision. Eye Doctors recommend BlueBuster lenses for wearing over contacts to view the screen or read and, bb-eye.jpg
for students whether they wear glasses or not to help relieve blue light linked eyestrain and accommodative stress from long hours of focusing up close.
Ease The Strain Of Reading
Our eye muscles have to hold our eyes in the correct position to bring close objects into focus, like the letters and images viewed on a screen. Having a small boost of magnification with eyeOs readers, even if you don't wear glasses or need reading correction, will ease accommodative stress and eye fatigue.
Take A Break
Every 20 minutes look 20 feet away for 20 seconds. When we stare at a screen, we tend not to blink, and so our eye's become tired and dry.
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Blue Light and Digital Eye Strain