About eyeOs Eyewear, Our Values And Story

eyeOs ("eye-yos") The Name

At eyeOs, we've reimagined reading glasses, making them anything but ordinary. Our collection is the embodiment of style and quality, designed to be far more than just your typical readers. We're here to prove that reading glasses can be fun, vibrant, and undeniably cool.

Made With Our Love For Beautiful Eyewear

The 'O' in eyeOs symbolizes the timeless circle, representing perfection and the continuous cycle of life, embracing the past, present, and future.

With eyeOs, we capture the essence of this circle, infusing unrivaled reading comfort and quality with retro-inspired designs that pay homage to the past but blend seamlessly with the present, and promise to stay effortlessly stylish in the future.

Our Focus (Pun Absolutely Intended)

eyeOs eyewear sets a new standard in quality and design sophistication.. What sets us apart? It's our commitment to using the same top-quality materials and components as exclusive eyewear brands. Plus, we're proud to be the only reading eyewear crafted with prescription-grade Aspheric (High Definition) lenses and anti-reflection coatings. You might find this hard to believe, but we encourage you to see and feel the difference for yourself. eyeOs brings a sense of fun and excitement to eyewear that rivals the finest and most expensive prescription eyewear brands.

Cheers to our friends

The Epiphany

Meet our founder and designer, Sam Kotob, with over two decades of eyewear design experience. He shares the spark that ignited this premium reading eyewear brand: "eyeOs was born during one of those momentous gatherings with friends, where delicious food and good wine flow freely. I can't take all the credit for eyeOs; I owe much to my creative circle of friends. They not only sparked the idea for premium reading eyewear but also provided invaluable feedback during our 18-month development phase. They are a group of discerning individuals who defy categorization by their 40+ age bracket. When you're 40+ going on 30, you want eyewear that exude success, confidence and your personal style. eyeOs embodies the lifestyle of those who seek the finer things in life. “Here's to my creative friends, the true inspiration behind eyeOs and all that we stand for." Sam continues to gather his friends for naming parties, where they collectively contribute to naming styles and colors and offer valuable insights into new designs. Cheers to the creative minds that shape eyeOs into something extraordinary.




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