Rated Best Quality Polarized Bifocal Readers

Advanced Polarized

We've done it again with our newest addition, eyeOs Polarized FT-28 bifocal sun reading glasses.

We spared no expense. They are the perfect pair for outdoor use. Made with 99.9% polarizing filter to eliminate glare. Anti Reflection coating on the back of the lenses to eliminate backside reflected glare. UV 400 protection. And substantially reduce Blue Light and HEV (high energy Visible) light for added protection and sharper vision.

No magnification power on top (Plano) so you can see clearly in the distance. The reading area is within the half moon shaped bifocal on the bottom.

Available in almost all of our style in Brown or Gray, in +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50 and a great price of $148

How To Order

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