eyeOs Pure Titanium Eyewear

Introducing the Pure Titanium Collection. These frames are hypoallergenic, extremely durable and weigh less than 12 grams. Available in Blue Light BlueBuster readers, prescription eyewear, polarized sunglasses and photochromic (light adaptive) single vision and bifocal readers.


Logan Titanium

Created to be the best value and style in pure titanium eyewear. eyeOs pure Titanium frames feature the frame material most valued for strength, toughness, and ultra-lightweight comfort, as well as its hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant properties. In addition, the elemental luster of titanium material infuses a beautiful finish to the color and style of our newest collection, Pure Titanium. With titanium, the eyeglass frame has a thin profile for refined style. Another desirable feature of pure titanium is that it is earth friendly and 100% recyclable eco material.

The collection is available in eyeglass frames, premium readers (photochromic or clear lenses), and polarized sunglasses. Sunglasses made with eyeOs pure Titanium frames are better for fun in the sun; they won’t corrode or turn green like conventional metal frames. eyeOs brand pure Titanium frames are 50% lighter and twice as strong as traditional metal frames.

Compared to conventional metal frames made from monel:

· 2X Stronger

· 50% lighter

· 20X more corrosion resistant. Pure titanium is as strong as steel, but only 45 percent of the weight

Amazing Value
eyeOs fantastic value, at an MSRP for premium readers of $185 and prescription eyewear of $275 (complete). By comparison, titanium brands of comparable quality to eyeOs can run $800.00+ at retail and upward of $480 for the frame alone. eyeOs pure titanium eyewear designs feature trending styles and fabulous colors for women and men.
Why are eyeOs pure Titanium frames worth it?
While eyeOs pure Titanium is the best value compared to other Robust Titanium Hinge
Titanium frame bands of comparable quality, the question still arises; Why is titanium more expensive? The titanium element is abundant but challenging to mine, extract, and purify into a usable state. In addition, special soldering called brazening at 900 degrees Fahrenheit in an oxygen-free environment adds to the high cost as do the special laser and presses needed to cut the shape and detail in this tough-as-steel material.
eyeOs- The Best-in-Class Eyewear
eyeOs pure Titanium collection is another example of how eyeOs premium readers are the best-in-class readers. eyeOs frames are available as readymade premium reading eyewear or for prescription eyewear (frame only or Rx complete). Lenses and enhancement options include MR 1.60 index material, BlueBuster, photochromic, and polarized. To learn more on how eyeOs supports the ECP with the same value in their Rx program as their readymade reader- and frame-only options.
Pure Titanium Flex Temples
Flexible Temples
Our Pure Titanium collection will rival the best in this category. The frame fronts are milled of a single sheet of 1.8 mm Japanese Titanium and feature a robust hinge with flexible temples. The temples are not Beta Titanium, they are pure titanium to keep them hypoallergenic (Typically Beta Titanium has nickel added). This is the result of a revolutionary process and design. The titanium temples are heat treated with extreme heat which changes the characteristics of the titanium on a molecular level and makes it more flexible. In addition, our innovative design of the temples increase the flexibility as well and makes them more durable and comfortable.
"Pocket" Pure Titanium Folding Half Eye
A favorite style in the eyeOs pure Titanium collection is pocket pure Titanium folding half-eye. The pocket design features a folding temple design engineered to impress. The temples and bridge neatly fold for convenient compact storage in a purse or pocket (case included). As part of the new eyeOs pure Titanium Collection pocket features - Lightness and Strength - tough as steel but ultra-lightweight at less than 11 grams for max durability and comfort. The attention to detail is evidenced throughout; even the micro nose-pads feature specially designed backs to hold the nose pad in place, preventing lost nose pads. eyeOs pocket – Fun – Folding – Compact pocket pure Titanium is available in a beautiful range of colors: Gold, Silver, Hematite, Matt Black Silver




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